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Ever Eden Beach Resort Hotel, Anavyssos

For the first time in Greece a unique Executive Coaching, Networking & Wellness Event, will be held at Ever Eden Beach Resort Hotel in Anavyssos, on Friday & Saturday, May 15-16, 2020. It is co-organized by BLUE BLACK Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Management and UGROW Coaching Services.

This specific 2days event is the first one of a series of events, that will be scheduled repeatedly twice per year, one on Summer and one on Winter. It aims to be in the agenda of every executive and manager who values his own well- being and balance.

It is a cycle of Coaching Events, which is designed to create “Mindset for Life -Work Balance and avoidance of Burnout”. These are found to be goals of high priority for any modern and champion organization. These retreat events are ideal for Executives, Teams, Companies and Organizations from all industries, that want to embed wellbeing to their employees, to change their culture and offer incentives to them, so as to be focused on their good performance without the hazard of burnout. Learning, Coaching, Fun, Fitness and Self Treatment are the main components of this super renewing Event.

The Coaching Workshops are supervised by Konstantina Pandoulia, accredited Life & Career Coach & Trainer, founder UGrow.gr and will be held by her or her experienced coaching associates.

Outcomes for the participant:

Creating personal time

Discover one’s talents and ways to best practice them in his current role

Learning smart ways to increase job resilience

Developing awareness of the things that one has to make different for his own best and for his team

Discovering ways to self-compassion and high self-motivation

Training for keeping performance at high levels while avoiding burnout

Outcomes for the company:

Offer an incentive of high value to its employees

Being part of an innovative employees’ wellbeing program

Show respect to employees’ well being levels

Increase employees’ thankfulness and appreciation

Keep low absenteeism levels 

Build happy and engaged employees

Enhance team building through a unique experience

Create a new tradition to the company’ s culture

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For more info please contact:

Konstanina Pandoulia
Life & Career Coach
Founder- UGROW
T +30 6977 256 487
E-mai info@ugrow.gr

Katerina Zafiropoulou
Founder & Managing Director
BLUE BLACK Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Management
T +30 6944 186333
E-mail contact@blue-black.com

Participations may come from organizations, teams or individually.

Deadline for participation: 30/3/2020