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Ugrow by Constantina Pantoulia

Unlock your potential.

Who we are

In Ugrow, we collaborate with experienced Professionals from different areas of expertise aiming at helping you unlock your potential and plan your next steps with soundness whether you are a business, an individual or a team.

Konstantina Pantoulia is the inspiration behind UGrow and she mainly uses coaching as her method.  She believes it is a more revealing and an extremely well-targeted method, leaving behind the classic methods of counseling and guidance. Coaching is a collaborative relationship focusing mainly on unlocking the potential of every individual or team, so that they will be able to make the most of their capacities towards improving their personal and professional life.


  • Vocational Guidance 99% 99%
  • Team Coaching 90% 90%
  • Executive Coaching 100% 100%
  • Workshops / Seminars 80% 80%

UGrow is for those who:

  • Wish to develop the abilities of the human resource of their company.
  • Wish to enhance the sense of team spirit in their company.
  • Wish to deliver results for their company.
  • Want to familiarize themselves with the coaching culture.
  • Try to pinpoint their professional goals.
  • Wish to round up their abilities and strength to accomplish their professional goals.
  • Feel the need to make changes in their lives because something just isn’t right.
  • Want to teach their kids how to believe in themselves, to set goals and to be well aware of their potential.

Meet the team.

Constantina Pantoulia

Constantina Pantoulia

Founder of Ugrow.gr

Konstantina Pandoulia, ACC is an accredited career coach with over 15 years of experience in career counseling and professional profiling, managing many career offices in the Private Higher Education Sector. She has been using Coaching as the most effective technique when dealing with personal and professional development issues. In addition, she is an instructor at the University of Piraeus, at the “Career Coaching- Designing a balanced career” e-learning unit.

She has had a spherical education revolving around Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Team and Leadership Coaching. Her focus is dealing with issues of professional presence and development in young adults, aged 17-25, on the brink of entering the job market. She also provides Career coaching to executives who are in between of changing careers or who are looking into dealing with their professional issues and she has collaborated with numerous companies in matters regarding Human resource issues. She has given many lectures, speeches and presentations regarding matters of Leadership, Professional Development, Professional Satisfaction and Team Management.

She is a member of the Greek People Management Association, and of the International Coaching Federation Global and Greece Chapter. Additionally, she is an active member  of the ICF Greece Chapter.

Coaching is the way for someone to find their way.

“If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed…”

J. Whitmore

Angeliki Styla

Partner of Ugrow.gr

Angeliki Styla, Mental Health Counselor, takes part in the coaching process whenever the coach deems it necessary. Always with the consent of the coachee-client. Coaching has nothing to do with psychotherapy and a coach must always refer the client to a psychotherapist when need arises.

Angeliki Styla, was among the top students in the department of Literature, Pedagogy and Psychology. She specialized in Psychology and received a postgraduate degree from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She is member of the Greek Association of Counseling. She holds an Advanced Training Diploma in Logic-based Cognitive Psychotherapy and she has had postgraduate training in Developmental psychopathology at the B’ Psychiatric clinic of the University of Athens. In addition, she is a certified counselor for Parenting Issues. (PET)

Angeliki Styla has many years of experience in private counseling sessions, helping people manage panic attacks, relationship issues, phobias and anxieties. In her office, she organizes groups of parental counseling, focusing on the relationships in the family, teaching them about communication techniques, active listening, conflict resolution and how to listen to the values and needs of the other family members. She takes part in supervising programs and supports continuous learning at the center of Applied Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Sissy Efthymiadou

Partner of Ugrow.gr

We have teamed up with Ms. Sissy Efthymiadou for the designing of Business Plans, for the strategic and technical planning of our clients’ business ideas. We support our clients by aiming at innovation so that they are able to find their spot in new and old markets.

Ms. Efthymiadou has many years of experience in Project Management, Innovation and Business Planning as well as in academic plannin. She specialises in European and National Funding Programs and she can offer her valuable guidance to the candidates who wish to participate in such programs. She is a PhD holder and she also has a Post Doc, MSc, MBA as she is a graduate of two Universities.



We trust Evalion for the Career Orientation test, and aptitude test, for job employability both for teenagers and adults. Evalion is the only counseling company in Greece that is comprised solely of Occupational Psychologists and can provide and develop specialized solutions for human resource evaluation.

These solutions contribute in a scientific way to the accurate evaluation of human resource, in the development of self-consciousness and in the improvement of occupational behavior and performance. It is also the first company in Greece that introduced and implemented psychometrics in the process of managing human resources. Ms. Konstantina Pandoulia has received training in delivering the professional aptitude and employability tests and applying them effectively in the coaching process.

We also have a considerable number of experienced and certified coaches that collaborate with us on specialized corporate projects.

UGrow is supported by Athens Legal Firm whose specialized experienced attorneys provide guidance on all legal and corporate issues.

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