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Career Coaching

For School, University Students and Graduates

Career Coaching for young adults aged 17-25.

Many parents turn to UGrow as they wish to help their children at an age that they need to make serious decisions, such as choosing University, a career, or when they are about to enter the job market. They also opt for a Coach for their kids to help them develop an attitude towards life filled with self-confidence and strength. This is what career coaching is about.

The Method

Older methods of vocational guidance that used to be rather popular are now considered obsolete.  This is because they are filled with many counseling and leading elements which younger people find less appealing and they tend to disregard greatly. Therefore, in UGrow we use Coaching as the main technique, during which the young person should be encouraged to express their own dreams, worries and to understand them.  During the Coaching process, they are methodically taught how to get rid of everything that is not good for them and to empower whatever helps them move forward. The Coachee creates their own career plan and they also make up the plan of the initiatives that need to be taken. They are responsible of their success and they receive constant feedback from the Coach. Thus, they manage to become their true selves. It has been proved that the only sustainable solution is the one that derives from the young individual itself. Any other solution will only be temporary and sometimes painful.

The Career Coach stands by the young Coachee and discusses openly with them, planning a career path based on the values and the dreams of the individual. This way the individual makes a conscious decision about their studies and so they follow it to the best of their capacity.  The young Coachees, pursue employability with more self-confidence, they set feasible goals, they handle possible drawbacks, losses and successes with stoicism and they are very aware of their strong and weak points. They don’t lose themselves and they do not act without a plan or a goal. The lack of setting a smart goal is often the reason why the young ones fail to find satisfaction in anything and for this they tend to feel less productive. In any case, in UGrow, the young individuals are guided by their personal Career Coach much like athletes have their own personal coach. After all, both groups aim at success!

The Process

The process of Career Coaching might last a month or a year or more, depending on the client’s needs. When it is deemed necessary, the Coaching process is enhanced by selected standardized tests which are proven to have delivered invaluable results when integrated in the Coaching Process. The Coaching Proses takes place in the UGrow premises. However, other locations that promote and amplify the effectiveness of coaching, might be chosen.

What is more, besides Career Coaching, the young Coachee will have the chance to receive guidance and advice or to take part in workshops related to successfully recreating a dynamic CV, learning job hunting techniques, developing new skills, career branding, social media branding so that they will acquire all the necessary and useful skills and capacities to enter the job market.


By having your own personal Career Coach, you enjoy:

  • Self-confidence and persistence while working towards a goal.
  • Receiving a list of your strongest and weakest points.
  • A plan regarding your further education.
  • A personal professional goal setting.
  • A list of actions to take and alternative career plans to follow.
  • A Personal professional profile.
  • Technical knowledge on how to build a CV, how to find a job, to develop interview skills, useful guidelines and developing communication skills
  • A plan on how to develop soft skills


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