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Team Coaching

For Businesses, SME, Teams and Organizations



Businesses, firms, corporate teams, athletic teams, organizations, aiming at enhancing their human resources, turn to UGrow to unlock the potential of the individuals so that the company is benefited. In UGrow we work and focus on team management, team support and team enhancement during difficult working projects. We teach teams how to hold more successful and efficient meetings that lead to sustainable results. How to build a more truly bonded and connected team, how to inspire teams to share the same vision with the same enthusiasm and how to guide the team towards achieving a common goal, aiming at the same results, as the team makes the most of its members. This is what we call Team Coaching.

The Method


It has been proven that it is not only about knowing the rules or conforming to them or knowing how to make good sales that makes teams powerful, efficient and productive. What is of primary importance is sharing the same vision, taking part in the process, building trust, being open to engaging in active conversation within the team. These are the main characteristics and traits that coaching builds in various team members that maybe partners, colleagues, project based teams, sales teams, athletic teams etc.

A series of certain classic methods such as educational seminars and outdoor activities, though used in the past to make the team bond and to create certain empowering values are now considered to be obsolete. Team coaching operates in the core of the team, pursuing a systematic presence next to the team until the promoted values and the shared vision is rooted deep in the heart of each member as they all gaze at a shared future. It highlights the team’s vulnerabilities to change them and it empowers its strong points so that they become the basic pillars of the team’s success. This is the only way that teams can move efficiently towards fulfilling the goals of the company, of the CEO or the Leader.

Team Coaching has had excellent results with some particularly difficult corporate teams such as teams working in sales and marketing.

This is more easily achieved with an outsourced team coach that the team is aware that he/she is totally unbiased and objective.

The Process


The UGrow Team Coach meets your team at the location you decide; whether that is at the UGrow headquarters or in your company’s premises.

When the need arises, there are private sessions arranged for the members of the team or more counselors are integrated in the process if the customer/company agrees to it.



As the process moves along, we focus and examine on the following significant pillars:

  • The vision and the goal of the Team
  • Enhancing the Psychology of the Team
  • The values of the Team
  • The needs of the Team
  • Focusing on the need of the company
  • The communication channels
  • Mapping out the common ground and the differences of the team members
  • A future plan
  • The actions that need to be taken
  • Feedback/ follow up

The duration of the cooperation and of the meetings depend on the client’s needs ad on the pace with which change is achieved within the Team.

More often than not, the Team Coach is present in many significant meetings, offering assistance and guidance so as to achieve the best possible result and to achieve commitment towards the results of the meetings.



By hiring a Team Coach both the Team and the company enjoy:

  • A better performance
  • True communication between the members of the team and the administration
  • Focusing on goals
  • Increase in occupational satisfaction
  • Keeping the Team in tact
  • Developing the potential of every member of the Team
  • Pinpointing the problems of each team and designing how to solve them
  • Cooperating with administration in order to reach the company’s goals
  • Brainstorming innovative ideas and solutions
  • Turning the dysfunctionalities of the Team into an opportunity for development and success.

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