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Workshops & Seminars

For Companies, Businesses, Organizations and Teams

Ms. Konstantina Pandoulia delivers Seminars, workshops and presentations in companies, Universities, Teams, Private Institutions and schools.

Through interactive and interesting speeches, she touches upon interesting issues for her audience, adapting and adjusting her presentation so as to cater to the audience’s needs. The duration of these presentations depends on the topic and on its aim.


Range of Presentation Topics:

  • Vocational Goal setting
  • Building a Dynamic Resume
  • Athletic Goals and Persistence
  • Interview Techniques
  • Techniques for finding a job
  • Organizational Culture and Change
  • Coaching Culture in Companies
  • Successful Leadership Profiling
  • Developing Soft skills
  • Today’s job market and the candidate
  • Career coaching
  • Team Building
  • Professional Branding

Organize your seminar at the location of your choice.

Promise of Delivering the Seminar or Speech no later than a  month from the day of submitting your interest.

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